Monday, October 03, 2005

10-3 continuing drought

It is now 50 days without significant rain. (less than a quarter of an inch) But we are doing OK.
In fact, I don't know what I would do with myself if it started raining. I was up at midnight moving the sprinkler to cover the large sweet pepper patch.
Which means that I had to be up at 2:30 to turn off the pump and close the valve on the water tank (It takes just about two hours to drain the 2500 gallons out of the tank).
And then I didn't get up out until 7:30 to move the sprinkler again, this time over the herbs and part of the eggplant. Climb up the hill turn the valves, start up the pump.
And turning it off again at 9:30.
Now I'm getting ready to move the sprinkler to the cemetery field and give the greens (salad and mustard) some water
Which makes it the time to finish getting Wenonah out of the desert and...
If Wenonah isn't lost, who is?
"OK, I'm turning back. I didn't reach the end of the trail but its' getting late. Leigh's probably wondering where I am. I sort of thought he would ride down here looking for me."
"I hardly recognize the trail. Everything looks different. You would almost think I had made a wrong turn somewhere. But that couldn't happen, could it? The shadows are getting longer and longer."
"I wish I'd brought my cell phone. Only I haven't seen a phone tower or any other sign of civilization since I've been back here. No phone reception. What did the ranger say, 'you are on your own. We don't keep track of who is and isn't' in the park. It is your responsibly to take care of your self.'
"You would have thought that Leigh would have finished his bike ride by now and come down here to meet me. Over there you can see Cleoptra's Chair, only from this direction it looks different."
"See the lizard. That's about the only living thing I've seen on this hike. It would be hard to live out here. No food, no water. No sign of life. It must be another mile until the jeep."
"I think the jeep is just around the corner. See how far behind me the chair is? You would have thought that Leigh would have shown up by now. But this won't be the first time. He gets on that bike and goes too far. I probably won't see him until after dark. He'll be peddling that bike up the hill."
"There's the jeep and no sign of Leigh. Maybe he rode his bike back to the camp and is waiting for me there."


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