Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chickens and the Hawks

It's time to go out and lock up the chickens. Not only do I leave the electric fence - a woven fence, one that looks like its made out of cloth but each strand has little pieces of wire in the thread so when you touch it you are coming in contact with an electrical current. On one end an electric wire is connected to all of the woven wire and the electric wire runs along the ground up to the wood shed where plugged into an electric socket is an electric fence energizer. Anything that touches the fence while touching the ground receives an electric shock! ZAP! BUZZZZ! and then it lets go for two seconds. No shock Before switching back on again. BUZZZ. ZAP! Again it turns off. And again it turns on. BUZZ! Which is great for coyotes, or dogs, or fozes (I've seen skunks, though, carefully, using their front paws like hands lift up the bottom strand. thge bottom strand isn't electrified. It might rest on the ground and 'ground' out the fence. The skunk carefully reached in, picked up the bottom strand and scoot underneath. Not getting a shock. But how about a bird, an owl. landing on the top of the fence? Just like those birds on a wire, there's no ground. They don't get a shock. The fence doesn't work. At least the electric part of it. So who gets thorough the fence, when its on, and eat our wonderful sweet, deer pullets? Easy answer... A critter than goes through the fence without touching it. And who is that? Its not a skunk. Skunks would love to eat a chicken but they really can't do it. They aren 't fast enough. with big enough or sharp enough teeth. And while some of my neighbors might be able to out smart the fence I don't think any of them likes, much to butcher a chicken. THe idea of wringing a chickens neck and plucking all thowse feathers doesn't strike me as something


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