Monday, February 15, 2016

Do you remember that door stop from a couple years ago?

Does anyone remember these from a couple years ago?  They were in our share towards the end of the year.  No one knew what to do with them and I couldn't remember where the seed came from.  I remember one shareholder posted a picture on their facebook page of it being used as a door stop.

 Anyway,  this picture comes from the Farmers Market in Hilo, Hawaii.  It wasn't just this one stand but close to a dozen of the vendors were selling them.  When I asked what they were I was mostly given a quizzical look but finally I found a name.  The local name seemed to be long squash  however a better, more formal name was Filipino Squash.  When I gave it a google search there it was.  Filipino Squash.  A type of winter squash with  pictures of many tasty dishes.  So remember its name incase I find the seeds again.


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