Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vegetables remaining as of November 15, 2012

 These are the greens in the field near the barn.  Five different types of lettuce, one type of arugula,  mizuna and  some Giant Red mustard
 The field up on the hill by the reservoir.  A sweet mustard, Toyko Bekana, baby pac choi, mizuna and several other mustards
The cemetery field.  Three types of arugula, Toyko Bekana, red mustard and in the raised beds (not in the pictures) cilantro.

Besides the greens in the pictures there are eggplant, bell peppers and tomatoes in three hoophouses.  The frost has damaged the eggplant and pepper plants but the fruit is still in decent sharp.  The tomatoes are in a larger tunnel and  for the most part escaped frost damage.  Over in the barn we still have over 500 garlic bulbs hanging in bunches of 20-40 bulbs each.  I'll cut those down and give them to shareholders.  The chickens are still laying about three dozen eggs a day that shareholders can take while they last.  And finally, there is plenty of sorrel behind the house in the herb garden.


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