Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The storm of January 2016

I don't  know why the two small houses survived.  While one had a steeper roof the other was low with a relatively flat roof.

Monday, January 25, 2016

blizzard damage

 Inside the 96x35" greenhouse on the hill.  That's a mobile chicken house inside.
 The front door to the greenhouse.
 I don't have a better photo of the outside but on the hill where there's an empty area, that's a side view of the two collapsed greenhouses.  Below is a picture looking down through a collapsed greenhouse
Well the blizzard of 2016,  or is this just the first blizzard of 2016?  We'll see what next winter brings..

Anyway,  needless to say we got socked with this one.  All of our large greenhouses collapsed under the weight of the snow. And as far as I can see at least one of the narrower houses is on the ground.  the truth is I haven't been everywhere on the farm, it has been a lot of work just beating paths out to the places I need to go.  To feed the chicks, the geese and grown chickens,  the fire and of course the faithful dog, JC, who I see is waiting out front  presumably waiting for  for me to come out so he can play and show how much he appreciates me.  (How does that saying go about unconditional love being a canine attribute?)

 Its hard to measure how much snow we did get because of the way this light snow blew around but on average I think the snowfall is around 30 inches.  I didn't measure very many places less than that.  And in many places the snow piled up to around four feet. It's starting to melt now,  the temperature today at noon on Monday is 39.

Hopefully the snow will melt sooner than later and we can start to pick up the pieces,  right now I'm estimating over $100,000 in damage,  and get ready for the 2016 season.  As long as I can get the main greenhouse up and running this isn't going to hurt or growing season,  and who knows, with all this moisture it might help  and it definitely could have been worse if, as I thought when they were predicting  winds  steadily at 45 mph with gusts up to 65 mph.  That would have taken out our electricity, caused more damage to our greenhouses and probably caused our 100 chicks to die from exposure.

To look on the bright (er) side.  I have two weeks to dig out and repair our heated greenhouse so I can start planting seedlings.  If the temperature gets up into the 50's next week that's doable.