Monday, October 10, 2005

ground hog

10-12 the entire story is posted.
I was coming home tonight and there was a ground hog running across the driveway with a smallish acorn squash in its paws. My latest calculations are that the groundhogs have eatten something like 400 winter squash over there in the cemetery field. Devoured 400 and taken bites out of most of what's left. I put out several live traps the other day. Baited them with bananas, onions and apples but with no luck. Anybody interested in staking out a groundhog tunnel?
Besides thinking bad thoughts about the groundhog I've finally put together Wenonah's desert story. It can be found on our webpage under newsletters.
Tomorrow, hopefully, since we are giving out honey in the shares, and since some of you have, no doubt, dropped your jar and spilt it, I'm going to post the newest version of my spilt honey story. This version is the opening chapter of a farm manuscript I've just finished.


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