Monday, October 10, 2005

10-10 End of Drought

10-10 End of drought
Well, it looks like 4 inches of rain fell out here on the farm breaking the worst drought our area has had for this time of year since records have been kept. That was over 50 days without any measurable rain.
You might have seen in the news that our area was declared an agriculture disaster area. If you look closely, this disaster declaration was not because of the fall drought but instead was due, to the lack of rain back in the spring.
In other words, our area was declared an agriculture disaster area because we didn't get enough rain in the April through June period.
The recent record setting dry spell hasn't even worked its way into the calculations yet.
This is the cause of a number of poor crops around the DC area.
Plants like tomatoes and eggplant like to receive about an inch of rain a week.
We have done pretty good, considering,considering, considering I was out there watering 24/7. I just calculated that I diverted and pumped and irrigated and spread on our fields around half a million gallons (500000) of water over the past 6 weeks alone.
Now, maybe, with the recent rain, I can start getting a full night's sleep again. :-)


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