Saturday, October 15, 2005

10-14 Clearing the Powerline

10-14 clearing the power line

The electric company has several crews out cutting down the trees and limbs over growing the power-line.

It was just a few years ago we had a fight with them about chemicals.

They wanted to spray a chemical along the right of way that would kill off trees, sort of like agent orange.

“But it’s perfectly safe.” the guy over at the Electric Coop told me.

“How do you know?’ I asked.

There was a moment’s hesitation.

“I went to a class.”

“Given by who?”

“The company that makes the stuff.”

“And you believe them?”

Now I don’t have to have the annual fight. Back then I guess they just classified me as weird (speaking of being classified as weird, the other day two Buddhist monks dressed in their robes and riding an ATV came down out driveway and turned around at a neighbors house. ‘we just assumed the neighbor told us the next day, ‘that they were coming to visit you.’ )

This year the coop, I notice, isn’t using chemicals as all. It’s all being cut by hand. were.

I guess what was once weird, given time, enters the mainstream.

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