Monday, October 17, 2005

10-15-05 dognapping

10-15 Dognapping

Well, maybe not. But it sure seemed like it to me.

Andorra went missing two days ago.

At first we assumed she was up at Che’s. sitting outside his door waiting for a handout. (Andorra, who has never missed a meal in her life is very concerned about... eating).

But when I went up to see if she was there, and she wasn’t, we went into panic mode.

“Maybe she had gone up on the power-line trying to cage a handout and something happened. A tree fell on her.”

Or she followed us out the driveway in the morning (like she often does) and before she turned back to the farm someone came by and decided to dognap her. “look at the lost dog. I better take her home with me.’

It turned out it was the later. A woman, living in one of the tenant houses on one of the very large horse estates around this area had grabbed her and had, I must admit, called the spca.

The woman was new to the area. Had just moved out from the city, ‘to be closer to horses.’ and claimed she had found the dog locked in a field that she couldn’t get out of.’

Oh well. We got her back.

Now Andorra is living with the chickens. In side the electric fence that surrounds the chicken pasture. This serves two purposes. One, it stops the predators who have been sampling our chickens lately and two. well, no more dognappings.


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