Wednesday, October 19, 2005

more spilt honey

I heard a lot of feedback today about spilt honey. (it's on the farm webpage at under the newsletter section). I had one woman come by the vegetable pick up today and tell me that a friend had forwarded the story to her and she just had to know how it ended.

"How did you clean up the honey?"

I told her that what she read was the first chapter of a much larger manuscript (one that is almost finished) and I couldn't quite remember how long it took me to divulge that information (probably half a dozen chapters, at least).

"But, there's an earlier version of the spilt honey story. And I think it's still on the farm webpage. Somewhere on the newsletter page."

I also told her that if people were interested I guess I could more chapters of the manuscript up on the web. 'At least the ones that tell the story of cleaning up all of that honey.'

If you are interested in reading more, drop me a note.


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